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Manhasset Locksmith Installs Lock & Increases Property Security

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Frog Lock Manhasset locksmith installs lock for business and residential customers in their area.  We help protect properties from intruders and burglars.

manhasset locksmith installs a lock

Last year, a female victim with her son was home when she heard noise in the basement.  There was no one there.

She caught a male running from the side of her home in her living room when she returned.

Based on police report, the intruder entered through the basement (Manhasset Press, February 13, 2016).  It’s an alarming incident.

Even while home, thieves and burglars attack  residents.

About Manhasset

Referring to the island neighborhood, Manhasset was the best town for raising a family in the metropolitan area of NY, according to a Wall Street Journal article published in 2005.

It’s a well known for the Americana Manhasset, a high-end shopping center, and it houses famous NY stores, including the Franklin Simon & Co., Abraham & Straus and B. Altman and Company.

While Manhasset is a progressive town, it’s not free from crimes, such as theft and burglary. According to Neighborhood Scout, 79 are the annual property crimes. It also has a crime rate of 9.67 per 1000 residents.

Manhasset Locksmith Installs Lock: How to Prevent Theft and Burglary

Keep your property safe. Install a deadbolt lock. It has a locking mechanism that prevents forced entries and increases property security.

The lock also requires more time to destroy because it’s tough.  It increases a burglar’s chance of being spotted if he’d try to break in.

For efficient, high quality and reliable deadbolt installation in Manhasset, don’t think twice. Seek help from Frog Lock Locksmith. Our technicians are trained experts in installing tough MEDECO deadbolts into your business or home.

Manhasset locksmith installs lock and improves your property’s security. Call us at (516) 263-7770 or reach us in our Facebook page today!

Rekey a Lock Manhasset, NY

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This Story Will Make You Realize It’s Better to Hire a Pro Locksmith vs. an Amateur:

Do you think it’s expensive to hire a professional locksmith? Wait until you hire an amateur!  Well, you probably had the same nightmare as one of my Manhasset customers who ordered a job from me recently.

To give you a clear picture on the matter, he hired an amateur – a “handyman” or repair person – in this case.  He hired this handyman when they needed to rekey the lock “or change the key” because he didn’t know how to do it himself. It is a good idea to change the lock or rekey when you move into a new place because you don’t know who else has the key to it.

What this repair person did was removed the plate and lever handle. And instead of installing the correct lock, he installed a tubular single-sided deadbolt. It was how the repair person re-keyed the front door Emtek lock set. And adding fuel to the fire, my customer threw the plate cylinder and the handle, which was why we had to order a new Emtek plate set.

That shouldn’t have been the scenario had he called a professional Long Island locksmith.

Why calling a handyman to rekey a lock is a bad decision

  • Risk of guesswork is extremely high
  • Overcharging
  • Improper installation (improper lock size, type…)

So the possible ending,

Instead of fixing or installing the right Emtek lockset, an amateur will install the wrong one – meaning you’ll be throwing your hard-earned money straight down the drain.

And because one isn’t trained to perform locksmith services, guesswork is common.  So without even saying, you’ll spend much while not getting the results you want – translating to frustration for not getting the job done – RIGHT.

Amateurs don’t know how to rekey locks, as in not at all, on any brand. In that case, there’s high tendency that he’d keep guessing throughout the process, meaning he might even ruin your door’s frame – and make it look ugly after the rekey.

To avoid these problems, don’t hire an amateur but a professional Long Island locksmith who is skilled and knowledgeable on most types of lock installations, repairs and replacements.

This is the re key in Manhasset done.




Rekey a Lock Manhasset, NY (before) Rekey a lock Manhasset, NY (after)


Rekey a Lock: At Frog Lock Locksmith, you can have peace of mind because….

  • There is no guesswork – Precision and accuracy is a huge reason our commercial and residential customers are choosing us.
  • No overcharging – We are not only professional but consumers as well and we understand how it feels to be overcharged – so we won’t ever do that do to you or anyone else.
  • No money wasted – From the very beginning, we assess what needs to be done, meaning we can figure out how much exactly you will have to spend for a particular job order. We also advise you on what needs replacement – if needed, or tell you if the Emtek lockset only requires fixing.
  • No long waiting – Because we’re skilled, we can rekey a lock in no time – and that’s something an amateur cannot guarantee.

Bottom Line

Don’t hire an amateur to change, install or repair a lock or else you might have to deal with a high level of stress, waste money and time, and repeat the entire process from scratch (buying another lockset…) that you can avoid by hiring Frog Lock locksmiths.

Did you find this post worth sharing? Spread the word! Share it among your social circles, so they’d know why they should avoid an amateur Manhasset locksmith.  Finally, call us up at (516) 263-7770 if you need to rekey a lock today!