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Hempstead Change Lock Advice: What’s the Best Lock for Added Security?

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Last Friday, Frog Lock Locksmith received a call from a client who asked for a Hempstead change lock service. Frog Lock Locksmith Work Van

“I need lock change. An intruder broke into my house when we’re on Hawaii for a vacation. Important documents, jewelries and money were taken by the intruder. Please help change lock.”

Based on his request, we changed his lock into a deadbolt and told him that this type of lock is better than ordinary locks in terms of security because it prevents a forced entry into the house.

He’s pleased with the immediate and efficient service from Frog Lock Locksmith and told us that he’d hire us again for a locksmith service.

General Advice for Hempstead Change Lock

We always advice our clients that they may want to spend a little bit more when considering a new lock – like for a deadbolt. This type of lock is hard to break in as well as it lasts longer than ordinary locks do.

And in most cases, thieves go away when they find out that the lock is a deadbolt.

What is a deadbolt lock? By definition, it’s a lock bolt that works by turning the key or knob without spring action.

That said this type of lock couldn’t be easily bored or battered.

It can resist a forced entry into an establishment or home, offering great peace of mind and security.

Top Security Locks

  1. Medeco
  2. Schlage
  3. Mul-T-Lock
  4. Baldwin

These security locks cannot be forced or battered using crowbars or opened through a knife or a key versus ordinary locks.  A deadbolt lock is impossible to break using any of these methods.

Finally, it will take a lot of time for an intruder to break into your house – because his chances of being caught or spotted are high.

Another to consider is a “keyless entry” for lock change. With it, you don’t have to worry about breaking the key in the cylinder, rekeying lock or losing the key. All you need is to remember the password combination – and you’re all set.

What’s a keyless entry system? This security system is either a deadbolt with an attached electronic keypad or a door lock with a knob or lever. This entry system is convenient if you’re a busy family and lets you track of everyone’s coming and goings, adding security to your home.

Whenever you need Hempstead lock change, give us a call at (516) 263-7770 today!

Why Install a Home Security Camera?

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Stay Safe With a Home Security Camera

home security systemJust a few years ago, having a security camera at your home seemed a bit far-fetched. These days, regardless of your income or financial restraints, it is feasible to have a security camera installed – the benefits of keeping your home safe are worth investing in.

 Technological advancements in the past several years have made security camera installations at residential properties on Long Island a common service for us at Frog Lock Locksmith. These advancements in surveillance technology have made security cameras more affordable and less troublesome to install. If you are thinking about having a security camera installed, here are a few things to consider.

Reasons to Install a Security System at Home

Lower Home Insurance Cost. Having a security camera at home comes
along with the great perk of getting a lower premium on home insurance from most providers. Some high-tech security systems can save you up to 20% on insurance.

Keep an Eye on Pets, Kids and Parents. With a home security camera, you won’t have to guess if your kids are lying about sneaking out, or worry all day if an elderly parent could have hurt themselves at home.

security systemBurglar Deterrence. Just the sight of a home security camera at a residential property is often enough to scare off a potential thief. Knowing that it will be much harder to hide their crime, most criminals will seek out properties without cameras.

Damage Control. If your home does fall victim to a burglary regardless of having a camera in plain sight, a security camera will still be of great help in providing the police with information about the crime and who committed it.

Birds’ Eye View. A home security camera installed by a professional, such as Frog Lock Locksmith, offers a complete 360 degree view of every inch of your property. So whether your main concern is theft, a high school party getting out of hand, an injury at home, or anything else, a security camera is an excellent asset for your peace of mind.

Oyster Bay Locksmith: Here Is Where to Find Help

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Frog Lock Locksmith offers locksmith Oyster Bay for more than hundreds of happy customers through the years, and we’re honored to be their go-to locksmith technicians when they need the service.

A Brief Look into Oyster Bay’s History

The town enjoys a well-documented and rich history.

It was first known to Europeans who sailed past the south shore of Long Island.  The first to sail past through the rich town was Giovanni de Verrazano (1524), while David de Vries was first to record the town for its lovely harbor in the north shore (1639).

Part of its long history, the town was targeted by the Dutch. They wanted it to become a part of New Netherland’s province. In fact, they bought a tract of the land that on the east included the Town land.

And then, Robert Williams, in 1648, purchased a big parcel of land that is now known by Hicksville and some adjacent portions of Plainview, Woodbury, Syosset and Jericho.

Fast-forwarding, the town’s history goes on.

It continues to boom and thousands of homes and businesses have been built in it.

[According to the American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates (2011-2015), the total housing units in the Oyster Bay are now 103,769.]

Oyster Bay Locksmith Services

Frog Lock Locksmith is proud to become a part of the town’s progress.

We have been helping both commercial and residential households. Frog Lock Locksmith services Long Island and has more than 25 customer accounts in the area and counting….

Customers contact us on a daily basis for services like,

  • Lock change
  • Lock rekey
  • Lock repair
  • Push bar or panic bar installation
  • Door closure change or installation
  • Magnetic lock
  • Access control
  • Buzzer system

Many of our regular customers are in the Plainview Shopping Center and Berry Hill Road. They contact us when they need help in situations, including lockout car and lockout house. They choose us for our prompt, efficient and high quality locksmith installation and repair and our licensed, certified and bonded technicians.

If you’re in the area and you need locksmith Oyster Bay locksmiths, don’t think twice contacting us at (516) 263-7770 today!