Push Bar Installation

Push bars expertly installed by Froglock are a secure method of locking the doors on your commercial property while providing the public safe exits in an emergency.

Push Bar - Panuc Bar InstallationWhy do you need a push bar on the door of your commercial property?

New York City fire code requires push devises such as push bars, also called panic bars, be installed on exit doors. These simple, yet highly safe bolt locks allow people to exit the building without having to turn knobs for an easy, quick exit in an emergency. At Froglock I take personal pride in ensuring that my clients comply with the all Fire Code and safety regulation when it comes to security systems.

Are push bars secure against break-ins?

Yes. While every business owner understands the need for the public’s safety, they also need for their space to be protected from theft. Push bars have a reputation for not being the securest type of lock. Fortunately for New York area business owners, Froglock supplies innovative panic bar models that are very secure and reliable from the outside, but easy to operate on the inside. Contact Froglock and our New York City locksmiths will be happy to explain the advantages of the different models of push locks.

Froglock Push Bar Service Availability

Protect your commercial space from break-ins and comply with fire codes with the best push bar installation by Froglock in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Nassau County of Long Island.