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unlocking a car

glen cove Auto opening

in a car on our way to change a lock for an apartment in long island when we get a call from

a  client, to open a car door in Glen Cove NY, On arrival, we find that it’s a Honda CRV. We find two people, a man

and a young lady, presumably a father and daughter. The client, who is looks like the ladies dad appears

cross probably because he thought the daughter was reckless for locking the keys inside the car. I diffuse

the situation and speedily unlock the door using an Air jack and long Reach tool, retrieving the keys.

Both are very grateful with our responsiveness, especially after learning that we went out of our way to

help with the emergency. We as Frog-lock locksmiths guarantee speedy response and perfect solutions

to those in distress every single time.

Did you know? Almost all locked out cars and trucks can be open with Air jack and long Reach tool

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