New Fireproof Doors: Hollow Core vs. Solid Core

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At Frog Lock Locksmith, we install and change doors of all types. We offer a wide range of new fireproof doors, which are heavy, solid, durable and fire-rated, meaning they may be a better investment for you. Lately, we changed the hollow door of one of our customers in Long Island. And we found out that the customer was frustrated with the investment he made on the hollow door because it didn’t last long.

hollow core doors

New Fireproof Doors: Hollow Doors vs. Solid Doors

Today, let’s compare a hollow core and solid core door because we find it important that you select the door that can provide you with satisfaction based on the features you’re looking for and avoid the frustrations in the end. In the following, let’s look into certain characteristics and compare them.

What’s the difference between hollow core and solid core doors?hollow doors

Heat insulation

Hollow core types retain some warmth but also let heat pass through the air pockets inside it. On the other hand are solid doors, which can retain heat and provide better insulation.


Hollow core doors are cheaper, although they come with sacrifices. The solid core type is pricier but it is a long-term investment – great as exterior doors.

Weight and longevity

The hollow types are lighter than solid doors, making them ideal as pantry or kitchen doors not as front doors. But because they’re hollow, they cannot withstand humidity and damage; thus, you may need frequent replacements.

Solid doors are heavier, and they can withstand weather changes better than their hollow counterparts do. However, they may require maintenance due to expansion and contraction that leads to warping and cracking.

Sound insulation

Hollow doors have the interior design that can disrupt sound waves, breaking them up and silencing the sound well. But the solid door does a better job on this aspect because it is thick and solid.


Hollow core doors are very breakable, giving way for intruders with only a few kicks. A solid core door does not. It can withstand abuse and punishment better – frustrating intruders.

Install a New Fireproof Doornew fireproof doors

Frog Lock Locksmith has been installing and changing doors – new fireproof doors, push bars, panic device and door closures, as well as door hardware and accessories. We can install a new solid fire-rated door for you.

Call (516) 263-7770‏ for new fireproof doors installation in Long Island today!



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