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Fitting a high security mul-t-lock tubular dead bolt

A client who lives and works in Jericho in Long Island moved in to a new office. He asked us to change the lock on the front door. He had bought a high security mul-t-lock tubular dead bolt which required advanced expertise to have it installed. When he called us, and described the job he wanted us to do, we picked the best tools for the job and left for his office. We had a template to help in install the deadbolt. On arrival, we used a template to mark reference points using the template and made holes for the deadbolt. We used a standard bit to drill the required holes.
We drilled another hole at the edge of the door for the dead bolt. We used a wood chisel to mortise the area around the faceplate and around the corners. We then fitted the cylinder and the thumb plate on the exterior and interior side. We aligned the screw holes and fastened the dead bolt. The client was happy with the job and thanked us.

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