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The customer called and said that the buzzer in her building wasn’t working and the lock on the entrance door was broken and wasn’t  opening the door properly.  FrogLock  arrived  and  analyzed the situation a few minutes we came to a solution. We  rewired the buzzer and the intercom system. FrogLock then changed the electric strike and the module box of the building’s intercom.  We also repaired Intercom Door Station by opening it up and realizing that the speaker  was bad

To see the costumer’s review on this job please click  here ->  http://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=sn7iXuSLicQESYNiiAWP9Q



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  • East Harlem

  • East Harlem3

  • Repair Electric Strike
  • Adjust Door Closure
  • Install Electric Strike for a Buzzer System
  • Repair Door Frame
  • Install Intercom
  • Repair Intercom Door Station
  • Repair Intercom Main
  • Change Intercom Parts

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