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How We Installed Mortise Locks in Brooklyn in bushwick 11221 .
There is a building that had three apartments and a main door. The building had been bought by a new owner who wanted all the locks changed. The new owner wanted a locksmith who could be able to install new cylinder mortise lock and also install a new cylinder for a jimmy proof lock.
I accepted to do the job and explained to the new owner that installing a mortise lock on a door requires certain information so that one can be sure of the specific locks that may be required. The first thing that one needs to do is to prepare the door and the correct measurements taken for trimming purposes.
For the purpose of Baldwin the mortise lock correctly, we visited he building for the purpose of establishing the way the door swings when it is viewed from outside. We also took the measurements of the door from the front back. We finally assessed the mortise bodies to determine the one that was suitable for the clients’ door.
We measured the thickness of the door to determine whether we needed special parts to ensure that the lock set works. We drilled the required wholes and precut lock mortise. We then proceeded to installing the mortise lockset.
We were able to use the holes that were drilled on the door. What we did was to try to cover other wholes which we thought were not necessary. Some of the holes were covered by the Baldwin itself. On some doors we were forced to drill some more holes so that we could comfortably install the mortise locks and deadbolt lock. The expertise we have gathered in installing hundreds of such locks was handy and helped us install the locks in the shortest time possible. He also requested to change the lock on mailbox completing the installation and we tested the locks to ensure that they were all working before we gave the owner the keys.

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