High Security Locks Installation

Make your property more secure with a professionally installed high security lock from Froglock and feel more secure today.

High Security Locks versus Other Locks

Mul-t-lock high security locks NYCMost home and business invaders attempt to enter properties at random and succeed where ever they can. The more difficult the lock is to defeat the least likely you will be the victim of crime. High security locks are more resistant to picking, bumping, drilling, prying and other forms of forced entry. Overall, in high security locks the hardware is more substantial and you can only have duplicate keys made from the locksmith who installed the lock.

However, a lock really is only as good as the company that installs it. At Froglock we are a highly reputable locksmith company with expert locksmiths. When you have us install your high security locks you can rest assured they have been installed correctly and with the highest level of security in mind. While high security locks may cost a little more than other locks, they do provide a higher level of security when properly installed by Froglock professional.

Froglock Service Availability

If you are specifically looking for a high security lock let the Froglock team know so we can provide you with guidance on which models will be best for your security and budget. Froglock does lock installation in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Nassau County of Long Island.