High Security Car Key Reproduction

If you need a high security car key reproduced, Frog Lock Locksmith the New York locksmith with the skills and equipment to make your key perfectly. Call (516) 263-7770 about high security car key reproduction.

High Security Car KeysAbout High Security Car Keys

(also called transponder keys, laser keys, sidewinder keys)

High security car keys consist of a laser cut metal shaft usually with a grove down the middle and a built in engine transponder. These are high security car keys. They were invented in the 1990s and went into wider usage by about 2000. They are high security keys because they have additional security features not found in a basic car key. High security key lock cylinders are harder to pick and require the use of specialized equipment for reproduction. Additionally, they serve as an immobilizer for the car’s ignition meaning if the transponder in the key does not send the correct code to the engine it will not start.

High security car keys cannot be reproduced by just any locksmith. Froglock has the knowledge and equipment necessary to produce laser cut transponder car keys. Call today to inquire about having your high security car key reproduced.

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