Change Lock in Westbury: What You Need to Know about Mul-T-Locks

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Recently, Frog Lock Locksmith did a change lock in Westbury.  Our customer (the employer) told us that one of his employees resigned and took the key with him. He asked to change his lock into a Mul-T lock. It is a high security lock.

What is Mul-T-Lock?

It is an international brand of high security locks  for telescoping “pin-within-a-pin” designed tumbler and horizontally oriented dimple keys.

The brand’s locks are UL-listed (Underwriters Laboratories).

They are also hardened for any forced attack. They make one of the most secured locks. Commercial and residential customers in Westbury choose it for high security.

Every tumbler has an inner and outer pin totaling to 10-keyed elements in the case of a 5-tumber lock.

Additionally, Mul-T-Locks are horizontal in the plug and their keys are double-sided, providing users with convenience, as the keys can be inserted into the cylinder either way, even if the top of the key is the only one interacting with the pins.

The keys are “dimple” type. Their individual bittings are drilled as two different concentric rings. One of them is for the inner and one for the outer pin.

Usually, the top pins also have an internal spring. It can be pushed down the inner top pin. The outer one is being held down through a conventional spring.

Both the bottom and inner and outer pins are held down by upper outer and inner pins.  Its inner bottom pin has a slight spool top. It prevents it from passing out the end of the outer bottom pin.

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How secure are Mul-T-Locks versus ordinary locks?

  • They’re secured against any force due to hardened pins as well as ball bearings over the drill points and other weak spots.
  • Their key control is also superior than average.
  • The blanks are only supplied by authorized dealers (Frog Lock Locksmith is an authorized dealer).
  • Their keys cannot also be cut using just any equipment.
  • The locks also have a large key space, making interchanging impossible.
  • They’re also resistant against conventional pickings.

Can I still get additional keys if I lost my keys but I have the card?

Losing the keys does not mean a need for changing the lock provided that you still have the personal key order card.

But then, you can consider a change lock in Westbury or re-key service if you think that the key is in possession of someone else.

On the other hand, you can have duplicate keys if you just want additional keys, which no one can duplicate without the personal key order card.

For prompt and reliable change lock in Westbury, give us a call at (516) 263-7770 today!

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How we replaced a cylinder of a lock

Froglock has done a superb job for many clients in Westbury. One of the clients we had worked

for referred a friend who had lost the keys to her house and requested us to have the locks

replaced. We thought of rekeying the locks but the client insisted that she had not changed the

locks of the house for the past 5 years. Consequently, it was necessary to have the front door

lock changed for security reasons. He argued that the cost of changing the locks was inexpensive

compared to the risks of having her items stolen by people who may have access to the house.

We explained to her that replacing the cylinder is as good as replacing the entire lock and is cost

effective. We also told him that we would ensure that a latch or a dead bolt would be installed

because they are effective and could keep the house secure. We took the code to the lock and

we went to buy a new cylinder. We bought a cylinder which would lock automatically as soon

as one shuts the door. The cylinder could only allow one to open the lock using a key if one was

opening the door from the outside. There was a button in the inside which allowed one to open

and close the lock from the inside without a key.

We used a set of tools we had carried to install the cylinder. We screwed the screws on the edge

of the door to secure the lock. We also used the long screws with identical heads to hold the lock

in place. We tested the lock and it worked well. We allowed the owner of the house to test the

lock and see if it met her standards. She was happy with the job we had done and paid us.

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