Where Does a Locksmith Install a Lock Roslyn?

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Where does a locksmith install a lock Roslyn? Frog Lock Locksmith is your reliable partner for all types of lock installation. These include for residential, commercial, industrial and emergency lock services.

Locksmith Install a Lock Roslyn Areas

Frog Lock Locksmith services all areas in Roslyn and the entire Long Island. A few of these include but not limited to the following,

  • East Hills Villages
  • Roslyn Heights
  • Roslyn Harbor
  • Roslyn Estates
  • North Hills Country Club Roslyn
  • Greenvale
  • Greater Roslyn areas
  • Other areas

Local Locksmith Roslyn Services

You may not know but Frog Lock Locksmith offers different specialized services.

  • Home/business locksmiths
  • Automobile locksmiths
  • Emergency locksmiths

If you lock yourself out your car, then you will need car lockout services.

Last week a customer from Roslyn Heights called us because she locked herself out the car. She was on panic mode because her one-year old son was inside.

We quickly deployed a locksmith in the area to help her get out the terrible situation. Finally, she’s glad for calling a locksmith install a lock Roslyn! We’re happy that she selected our team!

If you need to install a new lock for your home or car, a pro locksmith service Long Island can help! We have the certified locksmiths with the right equipment and tools for the job. We also install new alarm systems and deadbolts. Frog Lock Locksmith also installs door and window locks as well.

Need a locksmith install a lock Roslyn?  Call (516) 263-7770 today!

Residential Keyless Entry Benefits and Examples

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Customers in the Roslyn Long Island Nassau County are turning to keyless lock for their homes. With this type of lock, they can lock and unlock their doors from anywhere and control it using their Smartphone, tablet or mobile device connected to the internet (*specific models).  They can also be notified when someone enters their home.keyless entry

Peace of mind is what they get with a digital lock for their homes. They can even get notifications when their loved ones and family members arrive, monitor people entering and going out, and control when other people get access to their place.

With a smart lock, they can also assign a specific code and make a schedule to let someone’s entry to their home during specific times. For example, a contractor or a housekeeper who comes when they’re not home. They can simply assign a code and a schedule when the contractor would come.

A residential digital lock offers plenty of benefits.  A keyless entry system automates homes in Roslyn. It increases personal safety. Using it, you don’t need to fish for keys in your bag but open the door quickly with a push of a button, even a few feet away from it. Then, lock it again once you’re inside.

A keyless entry lock is operated by a remote control. Top of the line keyless systems lets you lock and unlock your door from any room.  In that case, you don’t need to get out of bed and open the door late at night for your loved ones.

Residential Digital Lock: Top Picks

August Lock

The electronic door lock lets you use your phone as your key.  You can track of people going in and outside your home through your android or iOS phone. Additionally, you can use your voice to command Amazon, SIRI, Google Assistant, or Alexa to lock your August smart lock. It also lets you create virtual keys for your guests and family members, or turn it on or off whenever you want as well.

SCHLAGE Digital Lock

Achieve peace of mind with this residential digital lock. One is the Smart Deadbolt, which is one of the most intelligent and strongest locks that can be operated via Bluetooth.  With it, you can enter your home with an access code on its touch screen or through your iPhone. Other top selections to choose from are,

  • Schlage Sense Be479 Smart Deadbolt – Camelot Trim
  • Connect Fe469nx Touchscreen Entry
  • Smartcode 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt With Z-Wave
  • Schlage Fe375 Keyless
  • Connect Be468 Camelot Smart Deadbolt

Kwikset SmartCode with Home Connect lock

Access your lock from anywhere. Now, you don’t need to worry if you lock your door this morning. Control it from anywhere with your internet connected mobile device, get notifications for people entering and going out, and create a schedule when contractors can enter your home.

Get Peace Of Mind. Use Keyless Lock In Long Island. For Keyless Entry Lock In Roslyn, Pick up the Phone And Talk with Us at (516) 263-7770 Today!

Mortise Lock Change Roslyn: Another Long Island Customer Made Happy!

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Frog Lock Locksmith installs, replaces and changes all types of locks for commercial establishments and residential homes and buildings. One of the most in demand jobs our customers order is mortise lock installation, repair, and change or replacement.

Last week, I received a job order for a Roslyn, Long Island mortise change lock. What I did was removed the smallest mortise lock from the screen door or patio door and replaced it with a medium mortise lock. Here are how they look like:

Small Mortise Lock (This was the old lock of my customer. It was what I changed).

Mortise Lock Change Roslyn, NY


Medium (This mortise was the one I installed for the job.)

Mortise Lock Change Roslyn, NY

Large (I uploaded it just so you’d have an idea on how it looks)

Mortise Lock Change Roslyn, NY

What is a Mortise Lock? 

I want to give you a short description of what it is for your reference.

In Great Britain, it is spelled mortice, a lock referring to one that requires a pocket, or a mortise, which should be cut into furniture or door into which the lock will be installed or fitted.

And in many parts of the world, these locks are installed in older buildings, which were built before the introduction of cylindrical locks.

Now, these are common in many up-market residential and commercial establishments here in the USA.

But maybe you’re asking, “Why should I install a mortise lock?”

It comes with a sliding bolt lock

You need to insert a key inside its cylinder to operate it. And with the designated key, the inside mechanism will properly to release the lock’s bolt.

It comes with a dual locking mechanism

Another thing that makes these locks hard to pick and force is that it can be locked on both the outside and the inside.  It’s useful if locking your door from the outside is what you want.

It looks attractive

You won’t even notice the lock is there versus traditional doorknobs that you were probably using now.

Most models also come with a classic design, making them vintage looking with an antique charm.

However, they’re not easy to install, which is why you may want to consider getting a Roslyn Long Island professional locksmith to have it done for you.

It is available in different sizes

Depending on your needs and purpose, you can choose from a wide range of mortise locks available.

But in general, you will need the same size if you’re replacing an old lock to avoid making a new hole for the lock’s body.

It may include a passage function

There are many mortise locks designed and constructed with a passage feature, meaning you can operate them without a key. And without locking problems, you can open and close the mortise anytime.

This type proves beneficial for bathrooms and children’s room for easy access and accidental locking prevention.

It gives intruders an extremely hard time to break or open

Intruders cannot force open it because it is fitted inside the door.

This lock system is cut into your front door, patio door or screen door’s edge and only its faceplate can be seen when your door is ajar.

Also, these locks are made using multiple levers and notches – which aren’t that easy to pick.  So ideally, I’d recommend picking a product with up to six levers or one with a cylinder lock for the best security possible.

I hope you picked something up from this dual-purpose blog – 1) a tutorial on what a mortise lock is and what its possible benefits are 2) and an update on another job well done from your friends at Frog Lock Locksmith!

Did you find this post useful? Share it with your social media community or bookmark this page for quick reference. You may also call (516) 263-7770 if you need a Roslyn, NY mortise lock change today!

Deadbolt Medeco Lock-set Install

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deadbolt lock

Deadbolt Medeco Lock-set Install

We love Medeco hardware as it is known for it’s hardened steel, durability and being drill and pick resistant. Pictured is a single cylinder lock-set. This deadbolt installation was completely quickly and thoroughly.

Medeco Deadbolts are about strength and guarding against unauthorized entry. They offer a Smart Deadbolt Solution of products with features ranging from key control, high security, Grade 1 & 2 offerings and eCylinders.

This lock and deadbolt was installed in Manhasset, Long Island. We service the New York Tri-state Area.

Click here for additional information on our services in your area.

Locksmith Service in Roslyn, Long Island

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install new lock

locksmith in long island


A restaurant in Roslyn long island call we need to adjust the Lech and the door. An old client who owns a restaurant in long island called us to inform us that his door  had some problems .and the lock not working it was baldwin rim cylinder lock, He wanted us to go and observe the door and make some adjustment. He mentioned to us that he had earlier on contracted some locksmiths who had failed to repair the door . When we enquired about the problems he was experiencing, the explanation he gave us indicated that the door needed experts who could adjust the lech and the lock. We packed the tools we required for this task and left.

On arrival, our locksmiths observed the door and were able to establish the problem it had. They used a crowbar to move the door up and adjust the Lech and the door. It took us 2 hours to successfully complete the job. The client was happy with the job we had done, thanked us he praised us and we left.

Locksmith in Roslyn 11577

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A regular client from Long Island in Roslyn heights wanted a locksmith who could install new locks including a signal side deadlock. On arrival, we examined the doors and the existing schlage locks and mapped out strategies to help us install the single side deadbolt baldwin lock. The new lock had a template which we used as a guide to make holes where the deadbolts lock could fit. We had a number of tools to use ranging from a wood chisel, a spade plate, head screw driver and a razor blade.
We pressed the template on the door using the middle vertical as a guideline. We made the necessary marks and started drilling the required holes. We installed the deadbolt lock and tested to ensure that it was working well. The other lock was also tested by our technician before we handed the keys to our client.

Locksmith in Roslyn 11577

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A client who runs a business in Roslyn Heights had his business alarm triggered. The business door closed a thing that forced the fire department to break the lock so as to gain access. They rectified the problem and left. Thereafter, we were called by the businessman who wanted A locksmith to install a lock thumb turn lock. on storefront glass door suitable for the business We carefully installed the thumb turn lock that requires a locksmith with experience. We carried out tests to ensure that it was working properly before we left. the manager say in the future they need electric strike lock

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Locksmith in Searingtown Roslyn

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After your building has been inspected, there are changes that you must initiate This is why a
client who lives in Searingtown  part of the Greater Roslyn area in long island called us and asked on how much it would cost to
have a new single side deadbolt lock installed. He briefed us about the visitor he had received from
the inspector of building department who had strongly advised him to have the deadbolt installed by a licensed locksmith
for emergency exit purposes. We bought a single side chrome deadbolt lock as we drove to Searingtown.
After examining the door , we realized that the client’s door was made from steel. We made a paper template which we used to mark the centers of the bolt. We carefully drilled the required holes. We then inserted the bolts in the holes we had drilled and installed the deadbolt lock. Our

client was happy with the job.

Commercial Locksmith Work In East Hills Roslyn, NY

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FrogLock   did  several locksmith related works  in East Hills Roslyn some of these  locksmith works repairing Best and Arrow Commercial  Lever Handles, Best Interchangeable core,  Adjusting Door closure, Installing and Wiring Intercoms, Adjusting Lock Mechanism,  Adjusting Door strikes, and other Locksmith related works.

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