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Having a very fast paced morning, a client calls from Great neck New York with a problem that needs a solution. The client needs a Baldwin cover plate installed to cover his Baldwin lock for his front door. One thing you need to understand, The Baldwin Mortis lock is resilient and attractive, and it is by far the impeccable finishing touch for your door. The lock is specially-designed fortifying strike and is fabricated of high grade steel for ultimate strength and resilience. The cylinder housing is sheltered with a free-turning external cylinder protector fabricated from solid brass to counter gripping or twisting.

For us to install the door’s exterior plate, we had to take out the Baldwin cylinder lock. This however, does not compromise the security level and functionality of the lock.


Locksmith in Kings Point Great Neck

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Front Door Handleset and mortis lock

Locksmith kings point repair lock

One of our client who lives in long island called us and informed us that a handle to one of his door had malfunctioned and had come off. It was an Emtek Tabular entry set that is ideal for front doors. The handle had a Schlage C key way , Standard latch 2-3/8″ backset . We called the EMtek and we tried to explain to them what had happened. After they confirmed that they stocked the handle, we send one of our highly qualified technicians to assess the handles available. Luckily, after we called Emtek and explain to them they send the replacement kit for emtek spring component and we settled down to installing it.

First we unscrewed the old handle which had broken so that we could replace it. We then installed the new handle and tested it. The handle served the purpose and the client thanked and praised us.

Locksmith in Great Neck Estate

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A client who works and lives in Great Neck Estate had just bought a
house whose locks needed to be changed. One of the locks on the front door which was baldwin Hardware and locks had to be re keyed and the back door replaced with a high security lock. When we arrived at his residence, we got into the house to carry out assessment on the job to be done. The owner of the building followed them and took the cost estimates of the job. The owner of the house made it clear that the project was urgent and it was important that we work on it and have it completed on time.

Locksmith in Great Neck Kings Point

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One of our old clients who lives in Great Neck Kings Point and who we had worked for by

rekeying a baldwin lock on the front door called us. Her Andersen double glass door was in a

bad state and needed to be repaired and adjusted. We arrived at her residence 30 minutes after

she had called us. We carried out an assessment on the door and realized that the door hinges

needed to be adjusted to enhance the door’s performance. The handles too had malfunctioned

and thus it was necessary that we replace them. We started by the vertical positioning of the door

to stop it from dragging against the floor. After raising the door successfully, we removed the

old handles which had malfunctioned and replaced them with brand new ones. We tested the

door to see if it was working well. We were thanked for our work.

Meir Repairs a Storm Door Lock in Great neck NY

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Storm Door Locking Mechanism and Cylinder Installation as well as Storm Door Closer Installation

The Costumer called and and complained that her storm door was jammed and  they were locked out. Meir from FrogLock showed up and opened the jammed door. He took out the storm doors mechanism and tested it with a screw driver it wasn’t working. Meir installed a new mechanism for the storm door and a new profile cylinder then placed the platting of the door handle after doing so Meir noticed that the door wasn’t closing   the lady then asked him to install  a new door closer for  the storm door  Meir ordered the storm door closer and  installed it then fixed the hinges.

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Electronic Keyless Lock

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Installed and Programed a New Electronic Keyless Lock in Kings Point Great  Neck

2013-06-18 18.31.39

Costumer Called asked to reprogram a keyless lock. When Meir  from FrogLock arrived he found out that the costumer had an  Emtek keyless electronic lever-set. He  adjusted the lock and reprogramed the combination.


Mutiple passcode freature

allows there to be up to 20 different

Passcodes enabled on the lock

 also contains an override key

Repair lock in Great neck NY

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Meir from Frog-Lock locksmith company in Great-neck repair a house lock.

Job Description:

The client called and said the handle was stuck and that the latch doesn’t work with the strike .  The client had Marx mortise mechanism and baldwin cylinder lock in near excellent shape with a spindle placed  with the groove not correctly, along with  that  the handle ,which was both off the spindle’s groove and  tightened excessively. I fixed this problem by first removing the handle  which lets me check the spindle. I removed the spindle to test the mechanism with a screw diver to make sure it is functional, Once I noticed the mechanisms is functional  it was time to correctly place the spindle. I then placed the handle and screwed in the screw on the spindles groove.

Watch what the client think about Meir’s job:

“Everything works fine”   |   “He did a good job”