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Late on a 51.64°F warm July, a slow afternoon; I’m in my office, in the Bronx, when I get a call from a client. He runs a cafeteria on Arthur Avenue and needs a new deadbolt lock and latch guard fitted. After discussing with the client I came to a superb and reasonably priced solution,  a Don Jo  latch, and  single side kwikset deadbolt. The Kwikset Deadbolt is the largest-selling deadbolt in America; the 660 series deadbolt delivers tough, effective protection at an affordable price.  The Don Jo latch prevents someone from sticking a knife, a Jimmy or screwdriver trying to open the door. It Features adjustable latch to go with the deadbolt to fit all standard door preparations. The client was pleased with the results; he prized not only our swiftness but also our dependability in affordable solutions. We guarantee fast and exceptional service to all of our customers everywhere New York at affordable rates and with unparalleled professionalism.

Locksmith in Pelham Parkway 10462

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We got a call from a woman who lives in Pelham Parkway Bronx zip code 10462.  She had locked herself out and wanted an experienced licensed locksmith to open the door .we had to remove the old lock to enable us replace it with a new one. The lock had concealed screws which we removed. We removed the retaining button which is used to hold the inside knob and turned the knob forward and backward. We used a small nail and a piece of wire to depress the button and push the whole. We carefully removed the faceplate and unscrewed the last two screws. This removed the old lock and the lady gave us the new locks she wanted us to fit. It took us 10 minutes to have the new schlage door locks fitted.



Locksmith Parkchester Bronx

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Locksmith job in Parkchester Bronx. Her problem was that she needed some locksmith repair done on her lock which she said refuse to open leaving her locked in the apartment. When we arrived, we carefully studied the lock. There were three things we thought we could do. We had an option of changing the mortise mechanism, the knob or change the mortise  itself. We also had an option of installing a new mortise lock.  We checked the screws holding the lock cylinder and realized that they were loose. We removed the faceplate and located the two loose screws which we replaced. We aligned the new screws with the center of the mortise cylinder and tightened them. We replaced the faceplates and screwed them in place.  We tested the lock to see if it was working and we realized that we had done a wonderful job. The lady praised us for our work and we left.

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Locksmith in Parkchester Bronx, NY

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One of our regular clients owns an apartment in Parkchester Bronx 10462.He called us after realizing that the keys he had could not open the door to the apartment he wanted to show the buyers. We picked some equipment and headed to Parkchester. We used the locksmith tools we had to open the door but we were not successful. We tried to pick the lock but it didn’t work. We were left with one option; to drill the mortise cylinder   and open the door. We had two methods to use in drilling the lock. The first option was to drill out the pins or drill out the cylinder. We tried drilling out the pins so as not to destroy the lock but it did not work. We finally decided to drill the cylinder. We drilled a hole through the cylinder via the guidance point. The pins were strong and resisted the drill for some time before they gave in. In two minutes time, our client had full access to the apartment. He took his visitors to various rooms and left us to do some repairs on some of the locks and install a new lock.

Luckily we had some new locks in our kit. We carefully removed the lock we had drilled so as not to damage the door frame. We drilled some new holes and had installed the new lock.  The lock worked pretty well and we started repairing the top lock.  After some twenty minutes, we had finished repairing the lock and it was working. We finally sprayed the locks we had worked on and finished the job.  The owner of the apartments was very happy with our work. He paid us for the job well done and promised to get in touch for more work in other apartments that he owned. We thanked him and left.

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