Rekeying a Lock in Jamaica NY

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The doctor’s office is located in jamaica on The doctor called us because he had fired his employee and hence it was important that we re key or change  the lock.  He specifically asked us to rekey or change the locks. He further requested us to make 6 copies of the new keys. We chose to rekey its a 5 pin mortise cylinder schlage keyway.

Locksmith in Jamaica NY Area

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A client who we had worked for in Jamaica NY area called us and told us that she had locked
herself outside her house as she attempted to force the door open. The lock of the door had
broken making it difficult for her to open the door. The first thing we did when we arrived
was to open the door for her so as to enable her prepare dinner for her family.
We repaired the lock by placing the new handles inside. It look like a baldwin handle set that requires
great attention when carrying out repairs. After carrying out the repairs successfully, the lady
requested that we enhance the security of the door. We installed dead-bolts on the front and back
doors. She inspected our work and was pretty satisfied with our work.


Locksmith in Forest Hills

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Locksmith Work in Forest Hills, Queens

  Enjoy Flat Rates at FrogLock A new client who was referred to us by an old client wanted to have the locks of her apartment changed. The client had just bought the apartment but she wanted the keys changed since she did not have information about the previous users and did not know who else had keys to the apartment. The client explained to us how busy her schedule was and that it was necessary we get her a single key which could open all the doors in the apartment. She explained that she liked our services because a friend had told her of our efficiency and our flat rate we charge all our clients. After studying the apartments and the locks, we realized that the locks were in a very good condition. We realized that it would be costly to try to change all the locks. We decided to rekey the locks to allow us give the client a single key to use in opening all the locks. We changed the tumbler and the wafer configuration of the locks so as to enable the new key we had cut to open all the doors of the apartment. Rekeying process The types of the locks that were on most of the doors could not allow us to rekey them by simply adjusting the tumbler .We had to remove each tumbler in all the locks. After we were through with the exercise, we scrambled all the tumblers and interchanged the bits that could allow us to achieve the desired results. We matched the different configuration because our objective was to end up with a single key which could open all the doors on the apartment as required by our client. We carried out a few combinations after which we tested the key to be sure that it met the client’s specifications. After we were satisfied with the results, we handed over the keys to the lady. She was thankful and paid us.

Change bottom lock Mortise lock                             Change top lock jimmy proof

Locksmith in Far Rockway Queens

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 Frog-lock provide services at Rockway.

Job Description:

The Client  and wanted to  Meir from FrogLock to install  a Handle  set on her Front door.look like  baldwin lock Handle set consisted of a handle and a dead bolt. First I removed  the current handle and replaced it with the new handle that the client now bought and I removed the current deadbolt by taking out the screws and placing the new one that came with the handle set.

Install a Single Cylinder Deadbolt Lock, Install Entrance Door Knob, Install Handle set
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Locksmith in Rosedale

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Repair Lock and Door Knob

Job Description:

Costumer called and complained that her Doorknob  is spinning and not functioning. Meir  form FrogLock came by and removed  the handle  which allowed him to check the spindle. he removed the spindle and tested the mechanism with a screwdriver then placed the spindle back on the mechanism and placed the handle on  the spindles groove. Wile placing the handle he realized that and ellen screw is missing.

A short video of a happy customer in Rosedale:


Repair Lock


Re-Key in Jamaica Estate Queens

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Few locks re-key and locks changes in Jamaica Estate Queens
One of our old clients called me he had a multiple of tasks to be accomplished. The area in which
he lived had become prone to vandalism and he wanted all the locks Changed. Some of the locks
were not functioning well and others were very old. He also wanted some of the locks that were
in a good condition to be rekeyed. Lastly, the client wanted a single key which could open all the
doors because he had spend the previous night in his car after he left his keys inside the house.