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Unlocking a Car In Brooklyne

It was a chilling Sunday morning when i received a call from an  client in Brooklyn. The client wanted us to unlock her car ( Nisan maxima). She left her key in the car and locked the door. When we arrived, we inspected the car to see if there was any door which we could open. Unfortunately, all the doors and the windows were locked. we open the car using pomp tool

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Make a Key for a File Cabinet

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Making File Cabinet Keys and Replaced an Old Lock

A client called me and told me he needed some urgent tasks accomplished. First, he needed

keys to some of the file cabinets in the office and also wanted all the locks to the front door

changed. He further explained to me that the front door lock was not in a very good condition

and therefore it was necessary to have it changed. I inquired from the friend if he could get me

the number of the lock so that I could make the keys from my workshop. Unfortunately, he could

not get the numbers. This forced me to drive to his office.

When I arrived at the office, I observed the locks and realized that they were the plunger –type

filing cabinets with a code number written on the face. I carefully wrote the numbers on a piece

of paper and went to observe the door whose lock was to be replaced. The lock was not in a very

good condition and being the front door I understood why my client wanted it replaced.

I drove from the office to my garage in 30 minutes and embarked on making the file keys. It was

an easy task which I was able to finish in one hour.

On my way back, I checked in to a store and bought a lock to replace the one on the front door.

When I found a suitable one, I went straight to the office and started working. Removing the

old lock was tedious and required a lot of experience to have the task accomplished. After 20

minutes, I had managed to remove the old lock. I sealed off some holes which I knew were not

required by the new lock. I drilled new holes and installed the lock in less than 10 minutes. The

client was happy with the job .

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