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Adams Rite MS1850S Maximum Security Deadlock

adams Rite MS1850S Maximum Security Deadlock

On a hot 90° summer day, I received a call from a client wanting his key changed.  The client explained that the employee he had fired had neglected to return his office key. After discussing with the client I’ve came to an easy and cheap solution, rekey the lock. Rekeying a lock put  in simpler terms is to change  the lock’s key so that the original key no longer works in the lock.

The Adams Rite MS1850S is a maximum-security deadbolt  for a aluminum glass store front door. The highly secure Adams Rite MS1850S requires mortise cylinder. The picture I  had placed above is an image of  the Adams Rite lock.

Did you know?

That the Adams Rite MS1850S locks come in a few different sizes: 31/32”, 1/8”, and  1-1/2.

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Working one day late at night, I got a call from a man from Albertson who had lost his car key by a Sunoco on Willis avenue. His 2002 Ford Wind star was in decent condition for an older car and he valued it’s endurance. He was outside his car, in his coat telling me how he’d lost his keys, .However that night somehow he lost it and after spending hours looking for it, he had tried calling his insurance with no luck. Eventually, he had found us online and called, immediately we had come to the location and serviced his vehicle. The car doors were locked, but with a few tools and minutes we had replaced his key and opened the door. After cutting a new car key, and programing the  transponder. He was pleased with the results, he valued not only our swiftness but also our consistency in low prices. We promise fast and exceptional service to all of our customers everywhere on Long Island at flat rates and unparalleled proffesionality.