Mortise Lock Change Roslyn: Another Long Island Customer Made Happy!

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Frog Lock Locksmith installs, replaces and changes all types of locks for commercial establishments and residential homes and buildings. One of the most in demand jobs our customers order is mortise lock installation, repair, and change or replacement.

Last week, I received a job order for a Roslyn, Long Island mortise change lock. What I did was removed the smallest mortise lock from the screen door or patio door and replaced it with a medium mortise lock. Here are how they look like:

Small Mortise Lock (This was the old lock of my customer. It was what I changed).

Mortise Lock Change Roslyn, NY


Medium (This mortise was the one I installed for the job.)

Mortise Lock Change Roslyn, NY

Large (I uploaded it just so you’d have an idea on how it looks)

Mortise Lock Change Roslyn, NY

What is a Mortise Lock? 

I want to give you a short description of what it is for your reference.

In Great Britain, it is spelled mortice, a lock referring to one that requires a pocket, or a mortise, which should be cut into furniture or door into which the lock will be installed or fitted.

And in many parts of the world, these locks are installed in older buildings, which were built before the introduction of cylindrical locks.

Now, these are common in many up-market residential and commercial establishments here in the USA.

But maybe you’re asking, “Why should I install a mortise lock?”

It comes with a sliding bolt lock

You need to insert a key inside its cylinder to operate it. And with the designated key, the inside mechanism will properly to release the lock’s bolt.

It comes with a dual locking mechanism

Another thing that makes these locks hard to pick and force is that it can be locked on both the outside and the inside.  It’s useful if locking your door from the outside is what you want.

It looks attractive

You won’t even notice the lock is there versus traditional doorknobs that you were probably using now.

Most models also come with a classic design, making them vintage looking with an antique charm.

However, they’re not easy to install, which is why you may want to consider getting a Roslyn Long Island professional locksmith to have it done for you.

It is available in different sizes

Depending on your needs and purpose, you can choose from a wide range of mortise locks available.

But in general, you will need the same size if you’re replacing an old lock to avoid making a new hole for the lock’s body.

It may include a passage function

There are many mortise locks designed and constructed with a passage feature, meaning you can operate them without a key. And without locking problems, you can open and close the mortise anytime.

This type proves beneficial for bathrooms and children’s room for easy access and accidental locking prevention.

It gives intruders an extremely hard time to break or open

Intruders cannot force open it because it is fitted inside the door.

This lock system is cut into your front door, patio door or screen door’s edge and only its faceplate can be seen when your door is ajar.

Also, these locks are made using multiple levers and notches – which aren’t that easy to pick.  So ideally, I’d recommend picking a product with up to six levers or one with a cylinder lock for the best security possible.

I hope you picked something up from this dual-purpose blog – 1) a tutorial on what a mortise lock is and what its possible benefits are 2) and an update on another job well done from your friends at Frog Lock Locksmith!

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Deadbolt Medeco Lock-set Install

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deadbolt lock

Deadbolt Medeco Lock-set Install

We love Medeco hardware as it is known for it’s hardened steel, durability and being drill and pick resistant. Pictured is a single cylinder lock-set. This deadbolt installation was completely quickly and thoroughly.

Medeco Deadbolts are about strength and guarding against unauthorized entry. They offer a Smart Deadbolt Solution of products with features ranging from key control, high security, Grade 1 & 2 offerings and eCylinders.

This lock and deadbolt was installed in Manhasset, Long Island. We service the New York Tri-state Area.

Click here for additional information on our services in your area.

Hempstead Emergency Locksmith

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Hempstead Emergency Locksmiths

Sometimes we unknowingly tend to put ourselves in very difficult situations whenever there is a key involved. Lockout is one of such common and terrible situations. If it happens late at night in a deserted place, then you cannot hope for a worse situation than that. Since, locking yourself out of a car or house always happens so unexpectedly, these situations require the proper type of emergency help. However, you do not need to worry because we offer our services in these situations too. If you are in Hempstead then we will be there to help you. we can guarantee to offer most reliable and dedicated emergency services anywhere in Hempstead.

When it comes to emergency services, it is important that you hire a professional that specializes in various lock related problems be it for a house, apartment or a car. You never know how you are going to get stranded and what kind of lock-related problem you might face. This is why it is better to call an expert locksmith company that can provide services that fulfill your specific desires. Being a licensed and certified locksmith company, Froglock locksmith can comprehend with any emergency situation and provide the desirable service on-time.

We offer affordable services for emergency lockouts, lock repairing, replacing, maintaining and many more. Please feel free to contact us whenever you need a professional locksmith service. We will be more than happy to serve you even at midnights, in Hempstead.

Lock changing in Hempstead

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Lock changing service in Hempstead

Our professional locksmiths can carry out various tasks related to residential and commercial security. One of these tasks includes lock changing.

Changing locks is different from repairing locks and before carrying out either task, you need to figure out if you really need go through it or not. Otherwise, you might end up paying morefor unwanted things. So, let’s go through some of the situations where you will need to replace your locks with a new one.

  •    All locks have a specific lifeline like any other hardware, and when they get old, they frequently pose problems during use. In this case, it is better to change the lock completely with a new one instead of wasting money to repair it.
  •    Changing your locks might be better when you move into a new home because there’s no telling who has the copies of the key to the lock of your new home.
  •    Sometimes it is good to replace your lock with a new one in case the new lock is more sophisticated and provides better security than the previous one.

There are various types of locks like knobs, lever-handle, electronic,Magnetic Lock,Push Bar, and deadbolt which are used for various residential and commercial areas. While dealing with each of these lock types, you need to have the right amount of knowledge and tools to properly carry out the tasks. With the expertise and up-to-date equipment at Froglock, we can replace any kind of lock with great finesse. You can rely on our locksmiths to provide the best treatment for any lock related problem.

Advanced Security CCTV service in Hempstead

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Advanced Security CCTV in Hempstead

When we talk about locksmith, we think about them as apersonnel who deals with locks and repairs. In earlier times, this would be a good definition of a locksmith but today this definition is rather limited and incomplete. Present locksmiths who work professionally are able to offer various kinds of security measures to their customers and not just locks and keys. They possess the ability to choose, fit and install various electrical security systems as well, such as CCTV Accses control,Mag Lock,Electric Strike. We at the Froglock locksmith, also provide high-tech security CCTV service in Hempstead for various homes and commercial environment. Similar to all our other services, we provide top-notch service for CCTV installation.

On top of your door locks, having an advanced security CCTV can serve as a great crime prevention aid. Why? Door locks and window latches are good safety measures, but they can be breached if they are not working properly or if the intruder knows how to deal with them. If this happens then, your properties and your family are susceptible to danger. However, installation of CCTV will enable you to monitor your property and skip through various security breaches and safety accidents like break-ins and vandalism. With CCTV, you will be able to keep an eye out, for any such problems more efficiently.

The effectiveness of CCTV advances with the progression in technology. For example, in earlier times, CCTV systems required magnetic tapes to record the videos that required constant monitoring. Now, CCTV uses internet-based products,systems and wireless programming. Because of the complexity presented with technological advancements, you need to hire an expert and certified company like Froglock, who can keep up with the technological development whenever you want get a CCTV camera installed.

Check our Advanced Security in Hempstead page.

Locksmith service in Hempstead

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Locksmith in Hempstead

One of the prime ways how we fulfill our security requirements is by bolting our doors and windows with various locks and latches. However, these hardware do not remain in the same condition forever and often turn faulty. When they do, you need to fix the problems as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to feel safe and secure again. To do this properly, you can hire Froglock locksmiths, a fully certified and insured locksmith company in Hempstead. We can provide exclusive services like repair and replacing locks, install New Deadbolt Lock,rekeying, designing proper locking mechanisms and all other modern security and lock related services.

It would be foolish to categorize our professional locksmiths as just salesmen because they also work as repairers and security consultants. Depending on the circumstance, our locksmith services in Hempstead can vary. We can repair any broken or damaged lock. In case of a break-in, our expert locksmiths can install new and sophisticated locks and as per the customer’s demand.

As a security consultant, we follow proper procedures, strategies and techniques to deal with various problems. Whenever someone from our expert locksmiths at Froglock, go out to serve the people of Hempstead NY, they first examine the various levels of safety and risks associated with the problem. Then after evaluating the situation, they determine what kind of maintenance work would be most effective. We also offer installation of various advanced systems such as Electric locks,Magnetic Lock,Accses Control System, Push Bar, as part of our locksmith service in Hempstead. Depending on your security requirements, we will deliver the best services available at our disposal and at very reasonable costs. Our services are accessible for all residential and commercial sectors in Hempstead.


Glen Cove Emergency Locksmith

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Glen Cove Emergency Locksmith

Some of the major reasons why people hire locksmiths are for repairing, rekeying, replacing, cleaning, and installing new locks. We, all at some point in our lives, have faced such problems and might have hired a locksmith to fix it. However, what if you face lock-related problems in an emergency situation and require professional help? Well, in that case, Froglock, offering 24/7 services, can only be helpful.

Froglock offers lockout and other emergency services in Glen Glove. These services also include automotive locksmith, local changing, and re-keying. So, let’s say if you forget or lose your key to your home, office or car and are locked out, then these emergency services can fulfill such special needs. Sometimes certain emergency situations call for a specialized locksmith service.

As a certified locksmith company, we also offer these kinds of specialized services using sophisticated tools and mechanisms. If use Froglock’s 24/7 telephone hotline, first relay the details of your problem and then we will assess the situation. We will make sure that everything is working properly before we hand back your new key. Plus, all of our rates are comprehensive and affordable.