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Recently, we received a call from a client, a store owner in Garden city in Long Island. The store owner

wished to have a lock changed because his manager left with the key to the store’s front and back doors

on quitting the job. We made our way to the premises and changed the lock and installed a one inch

Mortis cylinder and fixed the Mortis thumb turn with an Adams-rite tail piece so that he could lock the

store door from inside without a key. The client is astounded with our responsiveness, perfectly fitting

solutions, and consistency in the affordability and effectiveness of our products.

Did you know?  Mortise lock refer to Deadlocking

Locksmith in Garden City

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I received a call from a well known builder in Garden City this builder is very smart for choosing such a complex lock, this lock is called a “Schlage primus deadbolt” (BC-560 Series To Be Exact) this lock is special because of its factory side-cut, the reason this makes it better is because the more pins the higher the security.

Did You Know? There are six top pins and 5 side pins, which make this, lock a high security lock.

Car Opening in Garden City

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A client locked himself out of his car by mistake. He was in Roosevelt Field Mall, Old Country Road, Garden City, NY 11530. He panicked and tried using the old crude method such as a coat hunger to try and open the car door. Fortunate for him, the security guards from the mall saw how he was frustrated and gave him froglock locksmith’s phone number. On arriving, the first thing that I did was to confirm that he was the owner of the car. This was done by verifying his registration card.

After verifying that he was the owner of the car, I decided to use the pump wedge tool to have the door opened. I inserted the wedge tool between the door and the frame after inflating the wedge tool using a pump to provide room for using other tools to open the door. The wedge lessened the force needed and increased the distance between the door and the frame.

I realized that Working with a wedge is advantageous because it will take you a very short period of time to have the door opened if you are experienced. However as a professional locksmith, it is important that you have other professional tools at hand to help you have the task accomplished as quickly as possible.

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