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Frog Lock Locksmith in Port Washington, NY

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Keyless kwikset


Deadbolt Lock

Key override

electronic touch pad

sleek design

Easy to Program



This lock is a key less lock. it  is battery powered. the lock  offers an easier entry . this lock offers a one touch locking system  allowing you to lock your door with only a push of a button.  the lock allows you to re-key it by you’re self. the lock is pick proof and bump resistant further  protecting you from any intruders.

Locksmith In Glen cove

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Before the new year there was a braking in Locust Valley  not too far from Glen Cove, were  the  thief broke in to a  glass patio door. By the time the locksmith arrived the police were at the scene dusting for fingerprints.  The locksmith  installed a new barrel bolt lock on the door and repaired a Baldwin lock on the front door.




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Security Tips

-Keep  a light on.

Keeping a light on tricks the thief into thinking somebody might be home.

-Trim you’re bushes.

Thieves often like to hide behind bushes to look through windows. If the bushes are trimmed the thief is easily seen.

-Don’t leave a key under the mat

 This is a very common mistake. This is one of the first places a thief will check.

-Lock you’re dead bolt

  the door knob (bottom lock) can be easily  opened with a  credit card or knife.

Have a happy and safe new year.