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open a car door

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unlocking a car

glen cove Auto opening

in a car on our way to change a lock for an apartment in long island when we get a call from

a  client, to open a car door in Glen Cove NY, On arrival, we find that it’s a Honda CRV. We find two people, a man

and a young lady, presumably a father and daughter. The client, who is looks like the ladies dad appears

cross probably because he thought the daughter was reckless for locking the keys inside the car. I diffuse

the situation and speedily unlock the door using an Air jack and long Reach tool, retrieving the keys.

Both are very grateful with our responsiveness, especially after learning that we went out of our way to

help with the emergency. We as Frog-lock locksmiths guarantee speedy response and perfect solutions

to those in distress every single time.

Did you know? Almost all locked out cars and trucks can be open with Air jack and long Reach tool

car locksmith in Plainview long island

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locked car

Unlock a Car

Just the other day, we had our speediness tested when we received a call from Plainview Long Island,

off old country Rd right next to Plainview Hospital which is located not far from the Seaford oyster bay

The client had locked his keys inside the car, a SUV Lincoln 2013, and needed the service ASAP. He

called frog lock and said he had searched online for an emergency locksmith car opening service; that’s

We got there in less than 15 minutes and one could actually see the keys in the cup holder. We straight

away went into opening the car’s lint lock, which proved not to be as easy. I realized that I needed to

upgrade my car opening tools. We however resolved the situation speedily and got the client on his way

within no time, grateful and very happy with our fast response and problem solution.

changed Lock in Garden City

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Recently, we received a call from a client, a store owner in Garden city in Long Island. The store owner

wished to have a lock changed because his manager left with the key to the store’s front and back doors

on quitting the job. We made our way to the premises and changed the lock and installed a one inch

Mortis cylinder and fixed the Mortis thumb turn with an Adams-rite tail piece so that he could lock the

store door from inside without a key. The client is astounded with our responsiveness, perfectly fitting

solutions, and consistency in the affordability and effectiveness of our products.

Did you know?  Mortise lock refer to Deadlocking

Re-Key Job

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  • patio door lock

    Manhasset job

  • andersen door lock

    re key lock

  • andersen patio door lock

    andersen patio door

I am sure all of us have lost the keys to the house at one point or another in life. This happens

to be the case for a client In Manhasset NY off Northern Blvd; the client had lost the key for

an Anderson glass patio door. The easy and effective solution was to rekey the lock. We had

to repair the lever handle and rekey the lock cylinder with schlage keyway, also called key-in-
knob cylinder. A keyway s what precludes you from even startin to push the incorrect key into

the wrong slot. If you have the correct keyway but the wrong key, one can without difficulty

slide the key into the lock ,but it won’t turn. The Schlage keyway is used with most sliding door

handle sets and many entry trim sets as it easily fits most sliding door locksets and many entry

trim set. Our speediness in response and problem solution leaves the client amazed and very

grateful with our services.