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Locksmith in Manhasset

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I have yet to figure out why New York dwellers like to get their locksmith work done in the afternoon. This is the case where on a slow afternoon I receive a call from a client in Manhasset, off Plandome road. He wants new mul-t-lock   high security deadbolt lock installed. A high security lock is one that cannot be unlocked by picking, keys cannot be replicated, and in addition, has distinctive protection against bumping and drilling.

If you are looking for a strong, affordable and an excellent choice in security, Mul-T-Lock is the way to go. Mul-T-Lock features are specifically made to capitalize on the security it offers. The lock’s key way and face are armor protected; it also features a detachable thumbturn that requires a key to operate. In addition, it features a hammerhead bolt design that thwarts pull through, and full length hardened steel for further security with a steel ball that anchors to the door frame security box to safeguard against prying attack.

The lock is available in diverse colors and several styles.

Again, we prove our consistency in providing excellent and affordable solutions.




Locksmith in Bronx

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Late on a 51.64°F warm July, a slow afternoon; I’m in my office, in the Bronx, when I get a call from a client. He runs a cafeteria on Arthur Avenue and needs a new deadbolt lock and latch guard fitted. After discussing with the client I came to a superb and reasonably priced solution,  a Don Jo  latch, and  single side kwikset deadbolt. The Kwikset Deadbolt is the largest-selling deadbolt in America; the 660 series deadbolt delivers tough, effective protection at an affordable price.  The Don Jo latch prevents someone from sticking a knife, a Jimmy or screwdriver trying to open the door. It Features adjustable latch to go with the deadbolt to fit all standard door preparations. The client was pleased with the results; he prized not only our swiftness but also our dependability in affordable solutions. We guarantee fast and exceptional service to all of our customers everywhere New York at affordable rates and with unparalleled professionalism.

Locksmith in Great Neck

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Having a very fast paced morning, a client calls from Great neck New York with a problem that needs a solution. The client needs a Baldwin cover plate installed to cover his Baldwin lock for his front door. One thing you need to understand, The Baldwin Mortis lock is resilient and attractive, and it is by far the impeccable finishing touch for your door. The lock is specially-designed fortifying strike and is fabricated of high grade steel for ultimate strength and resilience. The cylinder housing is sheltered with a free-turning external cylinder protector fabricated from solid brass to counter gripping or twisting.

For us to install the door’s exterior plate, we had to take out the Baldwin cylinder lock. This however, does not compromise the security level and functionality of the lock.


Albertson Locksmith Service

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Adams Rite MS1850S Maximum Security Deadlock

adams Rite MS1850S Maximum Security Deadlock

On a hot 90° summer day, I received a call from a client wanting his key changed.  The client explained that the employee he had fired had neglected to return his office key. After discussing with the client I’ve came to an easy and cheap solution, rekey the lock. Rekeying a lock put  in simpler terms is to change  the lock’s key so that the original key no longer works in the lock.

The Adams Rite MS1850S is a maximum-security deadbolt  for a aluminum glass store front door. The highly secure Adams Rite MS1850S requires mortise cylinder. The picture I  had placed above is an image of  the Adams Rite lock.

Did you know?

That the Adams Rite MS1850S locks come in a few different sizes: 31/32”, 1/8”, and  1-1/2.