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Locksmith in Searingtown Roslyn

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After your building has been inspected, there are changes that you must initiate This is why a
client who lives in Searingtown  part of the Greater Roslyn area in long island called us and asked on how much it would cost to
have a new single side deadbolt lock installed. He briefed us about the visitor he had received from
the inspector of building department who had strongly advised him to have the deadbolt installed by a licensed locksmith
for emergency exit purposes. We bought a single side chrome deadbolt lock as we drove to Searingtown.
After examining the door , we realized that the client’s door was made from steel. We made a paper template which we used to mark the centers of the bolt. We carefully drilled the required holes. We then inserted the bolts in the holes we had drilled and installed the deadbolt lock. Our

client was happy with the job.

Locksmith in Jamaica NY Area

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A client who we had worked for in Jamaica NY area called us and told us that she had locked
herself outside her house as she attempted to force the door open. The lock of the door had
broken making it difficult for her to open the door. The first thing we did when we arrived
was to open the door for her so as to enable her prepare dinner for her family.
We repaired the lock by placing the new handles inside. It look like a baldwin handle set that requires
great attention when carrying out repairs. After carrying out the repairs successfully, the lady
requested that we enhance the security of the door. We installed dead-bolts on the front and back
doors. She inspected our work and was pretty satisfied with our work.


Locksmith in Huntington

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Commercial locksmith work

We were contracted to install a new mortise cylinder, iC core lock, push bar detex, commercial , and
lever handle lock and panic bars with alarms at the Walt Whiteman Mall located in the south of Huntington,
in Huntington Station .The Store provided all the mortise locks and other devices we needed to accomplish
the task. We started by aligning and installing the mortise locks for herculite glass door front store, We ligned the mortise lock cylinder properly and tightened them using screws. After finishing we tested to see if they were working properly and whether they were met the standards.
After we were satisfied with mortise installation we moved to install crash bar on the Door,
We ensured that every door necessary was fitted with a panic bar that could release the doors locking
mechanism in emergency cases. We also installed panic bar detex , ic core and lever handles to
all doors that required these devices. He mall’s property manager inspected our work and was
pleased with our job.

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Locksmith in Flushing Queens

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I received a call from a client in flushing queens she had lost a key to the old mul-t-lock and
thus, it had to be changed and replaced with angal rim cylinder. We arrived at her apartment
and carefully studied the old mul-t-lock. We had many options including removing the lock and
rekeying it. We could also replace the cylinder or replace the whole lock. Our client insisted on
having the lock replaced with an angal rim cylinder. We started by removing the rim cylinder
and finished the activity in 5 minutes. After assessing the lock we knew the size of the angal
rim cylinder that was required. We send our junior technician to the van to receive the required part to complete the job. Then after 10 minutes he came back with an angal rim cylinder which we fitted. Our client was happy with the job and thanked us.

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Locksmith in Crown Heights

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We have several clients in Brooklyn crown heights. One of our oldest friends in that area is a
lady who called us to repair her exterior and front doors which were not working well. When we
arrived in Brooklyn, the first thing we did was to survey all the doors to establish the type of
repairs we were expected to perform. Some of the doors needed their locks rekeyed while others
required a total overhaul and lock change. There were a number of locks which we realized
were not working. We changed all of them. On some doors, the lady wanted them fitted with
jimmy proof locks we followed her instructions and had all the job done within 2 hours. We
spend the third hour repairing the front and the exterior doors. We checked all the moving parts
of the door and aligned the locks with other features of the door to make it work as required. We accomplished the task and left.

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Locksmith in Great Neck Kings Point

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One of our old clients who lives in Great Neck Kings Point and who we had worked for by

rekeying a baldwin lock on the front door called us. Her Andersen double glass door was in a

bad state and needed to be repaired and adjusted. We arrived at her residence 30 minutes after

she had called us. We carried out an assessment on the door and realized that the door hinges

needed to be adjusted to enhance the door’s performance. The handles too had malfunctioned

and thus it was necessary that we replace them. We started by the vertical positioning of the door

to stop it from dragging against the floor. After raising the door successfully, we removed the

old handles which had malfunctioned and replaced them with brand new ones. We tested the

door to see if it was working well. We were thanked for our work.

Locksmith Installing a Lock in an Office in Queens

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We respond to calls as soon as we are contacted. This is how we have been able to build a reputation for ourselves. One of our regular clients from Bayside Queens NY locked herself out of her office. When she tried to open it using an old key, it broke and got stuck in the lock. When we arrived at the office, our initial plan was to remove the latch and open the door using alternative methods.  We tried removing the key using our sophisticated tools but we were unsuccessful. For this reason, we decided to install a new lock.

Installing the lock

We started by removing the old lock and bought an almost similar lock which we thought could fit in to the existing hole.

Our experts have the mechanical know how which make lock installation easier using basic tools such as a screw driver. They assessed the door and the existing holes. They realized that some of the holes used by the old lock could be used while some could not. For this reason, they covered the extra holes and drilled new holes in proper locations so that the new lock could fit well.

We started by installing the internal components. We opened the door so as to carry out this installation easily. We screwed he faceplate in to the side of the door after planning the wood around the hole to allow the faceplate to fit. We fitted the outside parts and all the internal parts of the lock and slid the knob in to place.

After ensuring that all the components were successfully installed, we screwed the retaining screws to hold all the components firmly in place.  We ensured that all the screws were screwed from inside to avoid instances where one could unscrew the lock from the outside and open the door. We then tested the door before handing over the keys to the client.