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Replacing a Door Lock – Manhasset NY 11030

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A customer called complaining about a baldwin deadbolt lock that needed to be fixed  because they needed to move into their new house. We told them that they did a very good job in calling us do to the fact that you should always change the lock on your door before you move in because you will never know who has the spare key. We responded to the customer’s plea by changing all his locks throughout the house to reassure his safety. Meir replaced many of the locks and used a heavy duty deadbolt lock to replace them to make sure that our customer was satisfied. We also included a double sided lock in order to keep the burglars out because if they can reach their hands around the door doesn’t mean they can get in because you need a key to go in and out from both sides. Thanks to Meir’s help our customer can sleep safely tonight.

Locksmith in Merrick

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Picking a Lock and Installing a Mortise

At exactly 7 am, I received a call from a lady in Merrick who had been locked inside her

apartment. She was excited when I arrived and requested me to open the door for her because she

needed to rush to her place of work. Inside the apartment, there were people who needed to go to

work immediately. Her elder son had gotten out of the house through a window and had already

left for school however, her younger son and her mother were trapped inside and was getting late

for school.

I realized how urgent the case was. For this reason, I got to work immediately. I studied the lock

and realized that it was a mortise lock.

A mortise lock come in different shapes and sizes, it has a lock body and a bolt which is

normally mounted on the inside of the door. I decided to use the keys I was carrying to try

and open the door. I inserted one of the matching keys inside its key hole. I turned the key in

counterclockwise direction several times so as to try and force the bolt to slide and have the

door opened. I jiggled the key in the key hole using different approaches but the results were

not pleasing. I decided to use a slim Jim to pick the lock. It took me less than two minutes to

open the door. The lady was happy and rushed out because she was already late. She however

instructed me to replace the mortise lock with another one. I went to the store bought another

mortise and returned to the apartment. After a few minutes, I had finished the job. I tested the

lock to ensure that it was working. I called the lady and informed her I had finished the task.

She instructed the house help to pay me and I left.

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Locksmith in Garden City

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I received a call from a well known builder in Garden City this builder is very smart for choosing such a complex lock, this lock is called a “Schlage primus deadbolt” (BC-560 Series To Be Exact) this lock is special because of its factory side-cut, the reason this makes it better is because the more pins the higher the security.

Did You Know? There are six top pins and 5 side pins, which make this, lock a high security lock.

Open Storage Lock in Port Washington 11050

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We were on the job looking for a new task when a customer called asking for us to come help her take her items out of a storage compartment. When we were on the scene we knew this wasn’t going to be easy because we had to break a disc lock which is very strong and complex and she didn’t have the key with her. Before we started we had to ask the client for their ID to see if they were even the rightful owner and at last she forgot it. So when she comes back to the storage unit with her ID we kindly open the storage unit with some elbow grease and determination. In the end the customer was able to receive her personal items and was very happy with the job she was ecstatic to have her stuff again. This job was all thanks to the hard work of Meir and his hard work and determination.


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