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Locksmith in Whitestone Queens

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locksmith in Whitestone ny open car how we unlocked a car in Whitestone queens 11357

we provide  Lockouts,Lock Change & Repairs Honest, professional. Call Now (516) 263-7770.

 One of my clients from Whitestone queens ny called me and asked me to come quickly because she had just finished her shopping and she was locked outside the car . She was too upset since she had  been locked outside and it was very hot. The lady had just finished shopping for food stuff such as meats and she was worried that the heat could spoil her foods.

When we got there, we saw a four years old cute child . The client who had called, me was yelling at her son because he locked the door.  This was an emergency which we had to attend to immediately. So we checked her identification and verified that car was her. After verifying that the car was hers, I decided that we use a slim jim which is known to open door during emergencies. The slim jim is generally a small piece of hardened steel which measures 24’’ to 30’’ inches. It is hardened steel which can give quick results depending on the nature of the car.

I slid the slim jim between the windows and lowered it to the lock mechanism.  After I was sure that the notch had touched one end of the lock , I raised  it up lifting the lock and it unlocked the vehicle.  The owner of the car was grateful, she thanked us  and we left.


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Locksmith in Upper West Side

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Carrying Out Repairs on Locks

Froglock technicians were carrying out some repairs in the western part of Manhattan when a
client called them. The client complained that one of the locks on his door had broken and was
not offering the services required. Our technicians rushed to remove the lock and carry out a few
repairs. After they accomplished the task, he requested us to perform other duties which included
removing the push bar and also repairing some of the jimmy proof locks.

Repairing the jimmy proof
After removing the jimmy proof, the Froglock technicians carried out the necessary repairs
to ensure that the lock was working normally. Jimmy proves are secure and if installed by an
expert they can provide the necessary security required for homes. Our technicians checked
on the features of the Jimmy proof and started by removed the pins which were making it not
to work as it should. A few plates were broken and thus it was important that we have them
replaced. We also replaced the washers and broken pins. After this, we reassembled the Jimmy
proof and embarked on the installation process. We removed part of the door to ensure that our
installation was a success. We used an assortment of tools to carry out the installation. After we
accomplished the task, we tested it to ensure that is was working.

Removing the push bar
To be able to remove the push bar on some of the doors, we requested that the door be opened
to allow us to remove the screws located on the inside section of the door. Unfortunately, some
of the doors could not be opened. We cut a piece of film on the side of the film handler. This
allowed us enough space which we used to pull the top of the push bar. After changing the locks,
removing the push bar and successfully repairing the jimmy proof lock, our clients’ neighbor
requested us to change the locks on his door. We did the job and he was happy with our work.

The Possible job options in this area are listed in the Slideshow below.

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  • 2013-07-12 10.15.19

  • 2013-07-12 10.16.42

  • Change Lock
  • Install Push Bar
  • Repair Door Strike
  • Install Jimmy Proof Lock
  • Change Jimmy Proof
  • Install Electric Strike
  • Install Door Knob
  • Repair Door Knob
  • Detex Exit Alarms
  • Self Closing Door Hinges

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Locksmith in West Village

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We  know how frustrating feels when a locksmith shows up  at you’re door and  throws a  price that you weren’t prepared for.

FrogLock  Locksmith & Advanced Security  Has Prepared  a Price list For you’re convenience

Prices include parts and labor

Flat rate pricing (Business hours – 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri)

Additional fee for nights and weekends- $50


  • Car Opening–$ 90
  • House Opening– $ 90

Lock Installation or Change

  • Lock Re-Key– $ 120
  • Deadbolt Lock Change- $ 150.00
  • Deadbolt Lock Change commercial grade -$240.00
  • High Security Deadbolt medico or multi lock -$350.00
  • Door Knob Lock Change – $ 90.00
  • Mortise Lock Change – $ 90.00
  • Rim Cylinders Change-$-90.00
  • High Security cylinder  Pick & Bump resistant Mul-T-Lock -$180
  • jimmy proof lock $-160
  • High Security top lock Pick & Bump resistant $260


  • Combination Change- $ 160
  • Safe Opening- $ 200


  • Buzzer System– $ 600
  • Panic Bar/Push Bar– $ 450
  • Exit Alarm Panic Bar $528
  • 7760 Vertical Rod Panic Bar $890
  • Standard Door Closer -$180
  • Electric strikes -$180
  • Lever lock  $230

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Locksmith in East Harlem

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The customer called and said that the buzzer in her building wasn’t working and the lock on the entrance door was broken and wasn’t  opening the door properly.  FrogLock  arrived  and  analyzed the situation a few minutes we came to a solution. We  rewired the buzzer and the intercom system. FrogLock then changed the electric strike and the module box of the building’s intercom.  We also repaired Intercom Door Station by opening it up and realizing that the speaker  was bad

To see the costumer’s review on this job please click  here ->



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  • East Harlem

  • East Harlem3

  • Repair Electric Strike
  • Adjust Door Closure
  • Install Electric Strike for a Buzzer System
  • Repair Door Frame
  • Install Intercom
  • Repair Intercom Door Station
  • Repair Intercom Main
  • Change Intercom Parts

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Locksmith in Westbury

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How we replaced a cylinder of a lock

Froglock has done a superb job for many clients in Westbury. One of the clients we had worked

for referred a friend who had lost the keys to her house and requested us to have the locks

replaced. We thought of rekeying the locks but the client insisted that she had not changed the

locks of the house for the past 5 years. Consequently, it was necessary to have the front door

lock changed for security reasons. He argued that the cost of changing the locks was inexpensive

compared to the risks of having her items stolen by people who may have access to the house.

We explained to her that replacing the cylinder is as good as replacing the entire lock and is cost

effective. We also told him that we would ensure that a latch or a dead bolt would be installed

because they are effective and could keep the house secure. We took the code to the lock and

we went to buy a new cylinder. We bought a cylinder which would lock automatically as soon

as one shuts the door. The cylinder could only allow one to open the lock using a key if one was

opening the door from the outside. There was a button in the inside which allowed one to open

and close the lock from the inside without a key.

We used a set of tools we had carried to install the cylinder. We screwed the screws on the edge

of the door to secure the lock. We also used the long screws with identical heads to hold the lock

in place. We tested the lock and it worked well. We allowed the owner of the house to test the

lock and see if it met her standards. She was happy with the job we had done and paid us.

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Car Opening in Garden City

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A client locked himself out of his car by mistake. He was in Roosevelt Field Mall, Old Country Road, Garden City, NY 11530. He panicked and tried using the old crude method such as a coat hunger to try and open the car door. Fortunate for him, the security guards from the mall saw how he was frustrated and gave him froglock locksmith’s phone number. On arriving, the first thing that I did was to confirm that he was the owner of the car. This was done by verifying his registration card.

After verifying that he was the owner of the car, I decided to use the pump wedge tool to have the door opened. I inserted the wedge tool between the door and the frame after inflating the wedge tool using a pump to provide room for using other tools to open the door. The wedge lessened the force needed and increased the distance between the door and the frame.

I realized that Working with a wedge is advantageous because it will take you a very short period of time to have the door opened if you are experienced. However as a professional locksmith, it is important that you have other professional tools at hand to help you have the task accomplished as quickly as possible.

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Locksmith in New Hyde Park

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  • New Hyde Park - locksmith services
  • New Hyde Park - Locksmith Services
  • New Hyde Park - locksmith services
  • 24/7 fast and reliable service.

We were on the lookout for new clients when we got a call about a magnetic door lock repair in New Hyde Park 11040 . When we arrived at the scene we saw that the magnet  that kept the door shut did not engage and it was not working properly which was an inconvenience for the customer. We quickly replaced the magnet for the customer and it got fixed in a jiffy.  Thanks to Meir the job was done quickly and efficiently.

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Locksmith in Manhasset

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We were on our way, when a customer called for an electric room repair, in manhasset 11030, apparently it was urgent because it was violating a law. We quickly arrived to discover that the  door could have caused a very dangerous situation for anyone who is accidentally trapped in the room. We fixed this problem by adding a panic bar mechanism to the door to help any trapped civilian or personnel so that they can get out quickly. This is used for fast emergency exit to exfiltration anyone who can be in harm’s way and is stuck in that room. The job fixed the violation that was set on the door and the problem was solved quickly and efficiently. If we hadn’t gotten there who knows what could have happened but thanks to Meir.

We saved the day !

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