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Make a Key for a File Cabinet

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Making File Cabinet Keys and Replaced an Old Lock

A client called me and told me he needed some urgent tasks accomplished. First, he needed

keys to some of the file cabinets in the office and also wanted all the locks to the front door

changed. He further explained to me that the front door lock was not in a very good condition

and therefore it was necessary to have it changed. I inquired from the friend if he could get me

the number of the lock so that I could make the keys from my workshop. Unfortunately, he could

not get the numbers. This forced me to drive to his office.

When I arrived at the office, I observed the locks and realized that they were the plunger –type

filing cabinets with a code number written on the face. I carefully wrote the numbers on a piece

of paper and went to observe the door whose lock was to be replaced. The lock was not in a very

good condition and being the front door I understood why my client wanted it replaced.

I drove from the office to my garage in 30 minutes and embarked on making the file keys. It was

an easy task which I was able to finish in one hour.

On my way back, I checked in to a store and bought a lock to replace the one on the front door.

When I found a suitable one, I went straight to the office and started working. Removing the

old lock was tedious and required a lot of experience to have the task accomplished. After 20

minutes, I had managed to remove the old lock. I sealed off some holes which I knew were not

required by the new lock. I drilled new holes and installed the lock in less than 10 minutes. The

client was happy with the job .

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Meir Repairs a Storm Door Lock in Great neck NY

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Storm Door Locking Mechanism and Cylinder Installation as well as Storm Door Closer Installation

The Costumer called and and complained that her storm door was jammed and  they were locked out. Meir from FrogLock showed up and opened the jammed door. He took out the storm doors mechanism and tested it with a screw driver it wasn’t working. Meir installed a new mechanism for the storm door and a new profile cylinder then placed the platting of the door handle after doing so Meir noticed that the door wasn’t closing   the lady then asked him to install  a new door closer for  the storm door  Meir ordered the storm door closer and  installed it then fixed the hinges.

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Electronic Keyless Lock

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Installed and Programed a New Electronic Keyless Lock in Kings Point Great  Neck

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Costumer Called asked to reprogram a keyless lock. When Meir  from FrogLock arrived he found out that the costumer had an  Emtek keyless electronic lever-set. He  adjusted the lock and reprogramed the combination.


Mutiple passcode freature

allows there to be up to 20 different

Passcodes enabled on the lock

 also contains an override key

Locksmith in Forest Hills

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Locksmith Work in Forest Hills, Queens

  Enjoy Flat Rates at FrogLock A new client who was referred to us by an old client wanted to have the locks of her apartment changed. The client had just bought the apartment but she wanted the keys changed since she did not have information about the previous users and did not know who else had keys to the apartment. The client explained to us how busy her schedule was and that it was necessary we get her a single key which could open all the doors in the apartment. She explained that she liked our services because a friend had told her of our efficiency and our flat rate we charge all our clients. After studying the apartments and the locks, we realized that the locks were in a very good condition. We realized that it would be costly to try to change all the locks. We decided to rekey the locks to allow us give the client a single key to use in opening all the locks. We changed the tumbler and the wafer configuration of the locks so as to enable the new key we had cut to open all the doors of the apartment. Rekeying process The types of the locks that were on most of the doors could not allow us to rekey them by simply adjusting the tumbler .We had to remove each tumbler in all the locks. After we were through with the exercise, we scrambled all the tumblers and interchanged the bits that could allow us to achieve the desired results. We matched the different configuration because our objective was to end up with a single key which could open all the doors on the apartment as required by our client. We carried out a few combinations after which we tested the key to be sure that it met the client’s specifications. After we were satisfied with the results, we handed over the keys to the lady. She was thankful and paid us.

Change bottom lock Mortise lock                             Change top lock jimmy proof

Locksmith in Plainview 11803

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In Plainview we responded to a call where a customer needed an advanced security system for his office and lock change.  In this case we installed many security measures such as the comelt wired security camera, electric strike buzzer and a keypad. These security measures were the best for the office do to the fact that they can sit conveniently in their chair and monitor the exterior of the office in the comfort of the chair. The client was very satisfied with the work and it saved his secretary from going back and forth to see who was at the door. Thanks to Meir we brought satisfaction, safety and convenience to the client like we always do.

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Locksmith Floral Park ,NY

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the locksmith Install adams rite lock mechanism dead-latch,and he used the old cylinder with Push Hand LHR also known as paddle handle, to bring the door to standards for Nassau county fire Marshall, for Emergency Evacuation also a door latch protector was required, because there is a space between the door jamb and the door itself so the locksmith install  latch guard plate to prevent someone from sliding a credit card or a big knife and try to open the door.

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