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locked out in Lake Success

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Meir was sent to unlock door in Lake Success NY 11020

FrogLock is committed at ensuring that quality services are provided to all her clients whenever

they are needed. One of our clients called us and informed us that the front door of her apartment

had stopped working. She could not access the house through the backdoor because her husband

had used the keyless entry lock and had hurriedly left for his business trip abroad without giving

her the lock combination. This forced her to search for FrogLock website on her smart phone for

our phone number.

The lady had been working on the backyard for the better part of the day. The day was nice

and she was really enjoying herself when she suddenly realized that she could not access her

apartment because of a faulty front lock. When we received the call, we rushed to the scene

because we always treat such calls as emergency. On reaching we found the lady stranded.

We arrived at her residence 30 minutes after she had called us and studied her locks to find out

the most appropriate method we could use to have the door opened. Our study revealed that the

front lock was a tumbler lock which is easy to pick. Our lead technician advised us to use an

electric pick gun to have the door opened. We picked one of our electrical pick guns which we

use for such cases because of its efficiency. We pushed the pick gun in to the door and proceeded

to twisting the knob. We repeated this activity several times until the door swung open. After

opening the door, we decided to reset the pins since we did not want to leave our client stranded.

We carried out the test to ensure the door was working and that opening and closing it was

easier. The lady was pleased with us and thanked us for a job well done. She paid us and we left.

Watch what the client think about his work:

“Clean job”   |    “Fantastic job”   |   “Perfect”

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Repair lock in Great neck NY

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Meir from Frog-Lock locksmith company in Great-neck repair a house lock.

Job Description:

The client called and said the handle was stuck and that the latch doesn’t work with the strike .  The client had Marx mortise mechanism and baldwin cylinder lock in near excellent shape with a spindle placed  with the groove not correctly, along with  that  the handle ,which was both off the spindle’s groove and  tightened excessively. I fixed this problem by first removing the handle  which lets me check the spindle. I removed the spindle to test the mechanism with a screw diver to make sure it is functional, Once I noticed the mechanisms is functional  it was time to correctly place the spindle. I then placed the handle and screwed in the screw on the spindles groove.

Watch what the client think about Meir’s job:

“Everything works fine”   |   “He did a good job”

Change Lock on Office Door

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Costermer saw Meir the locksmith working on another job next door and asked if he could come by and and change a lock on his door. Meir came by and changed the lock.

Watch what the client think about our work:


“He is very polite”   |   “he did a very good job”   |  “very nice to work with”